Monday, September 18, 2006

I have written nothing

Believe it or not I have reached the wonderful thing knows as writers block! IE: I have not got a new idea and feel totally drained and intimidated by my fucking laptop for the first time in months ! It pisses me off.
I've been doing otherLit developement stuff and really... in real time, I haven't really had an idea for a few days and if I had anything to write about It would feel like my head was about to explode. Ususally, I have an idea once every 2-3 days. I haven't had an idea for a week and I'm getting scared...
Any ideas out there for inspiration excercises?
The only problem is I kinda feel that those excercises are futile and false... I'm not being pedantic or snobby or anything... it's just if an idea that dont really "grab" me... well... I don't really care that much about it! And thereofre can't write about it!

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morphean ramble said...

I think you'll be fine - seriously, I totally envy how single-minded and prolific you are, this must just be a tiny blip.