Monday, August 28, 2006

I was very sick last night...

After the Momentum festival it kinda gave me the courage (is that the right word?) to have a pop at redrafting "Sing, Sing" so I did a 2 day redraft session and took it to a workshop on sunday to read it aloud and see where things are going wrong.
Anyway - it did help, but a bit of me thought I perhaps shouldnt have bothered as i got the whole "ripple" effect again where everybody erupts and begins arguing... I wasnt really quite sure why, but my play defo had something to do with it and they all started rowing about it and stuff. it felt a bit like when your a kid and your parents argue and your stuck in the middle wanting them to stop...
and now I'm an adult i did the most adult thing I could do to take control of the situation and got very pissed and shitfaced-ly drunk!
Hense... I was sick last night. I had a second peice to read, a peice of prose which I got some other guys to read out for me and the nervousness of something read combined with the booze made me throw up. friend of mine tried to be "gentlemanly" and hold my dreads out of my face but he failed and I got quite upset that one stank of vomit and tried to clean it with hand soap i n the bathroom (big mistake)
Anyway - I know i should be proud that what I write gets people talking but a lot of me wishes that It was just entertainment... I wouldnt get so nervous then!
On the plus side i got to hear Lucy's play "youths" which I really, genuinely loved and annother one called "gods" which seems so different form stuff the guy usually writes... so much better!!!


Lucy Ann Wade said...

I hope you're feeling better now! We were arguing ("discussing") Christina, and whether she was passive or not, and how we (the girls) thought she seemed to be used by the blokes and didn't really seem in control of what she was doing whereas they (the boys) thought she was in control, and just wanted cock. (Ok, that may be wrong, but that's how I remember it in my drunken state). Anyway, it then became more of a boy v. girl battle, rather than a 'let's discuss the play like civilised people' battle. But we all really enjoyed it, and you can ignore our ramblings and keep it how it is, it's up to you. If a character can causes so much debate, then that's only a good thing (though I do think you could make her slightly less passive). Hoep you got something out of the reading, besides vomitting!
Anyway, thanks for mentioning my play! Glad you liked it!

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

well to be honest in the whole attempt of restructuring and trying to give the other characters (Dan and James) more of a distiguishing journey i managed to take so much away from christina with their bullying and stuff the draft that i presented at the workshop did not really contain what i wanted to get accross and was more os an excercise. In the process of "combo drafting" of the 2 at teh moment (keeping scenes like the spider and the radio) of the 2 drafts... will bring it to our next workshop and we can see how things have progressed!

Alex said...

Sometimes I think there's no point in arguing anyway. Inevitably some bossy blonde in denial will want to interupt you to tell you that you are one being dimensional or something, without bothering to hear you out. So they don't know how many dimensions, if any, you were talking in anyway.

Alex said... an unrelated matter, is there any way to change my display name?

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

I really dont know how to doanything fancy with the blog... posting pictures is beyond my capacity!!! so sorry mate, i really cant tell you how to change your display name (i take it you want mekon again!)