Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I now have a very real problem of creating a character with perfect charisma! I've actually done it! and now I find it very difficult to write about any other characters in the damned novel!!! Arthur is my perfectly developed character and every exchange i write about other characters leads back to him in some way or annother... its really very annoying!Hes a really ugly, tall gangly like creature thats pompus and arogant and manipulative and slightly sinister, but he is also really quite likeable... in a manipulative "little-boy-lost" way for most other characters... or is he really?
His attitudes and lifestyle are a mirror of the regression theme in the novel - he symbolises what the narrator really wants but socially (and due to her own neuroses) she cant embrace fully. He's like the ID (Freudian psychoanalysis) to her ego... perhaps i should invent a superego character? Maybe that is where it goes all wrong???


Lucy Ann Wade said...

"Nasty" or flawed characters are so much more fun to write than good or "perfect" ones. I think you're in danger of falling in love with Arthur though yourself! haha

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

Dont be daft girly! I used to date somebody who was way nastier than Arthur!