Sunday, August 20, 2006

the restructure shuffle!

Right - as I have been led to believe - the mid stage of redrafting lays with character and plot! So what I am now doing is cutting characters, polishing some up and even inventing some new ones! Arthur now has a "nice" mirrored versoin of himself called Oscar - Oscar was his old best mate from school - a posh boy who wasnt so innanely fucked up and a physical remider of what Arthur could have been. Oscar may fall for Mary in a juxposition way, I'm not quite sure.
and Mary herself has gained a bit of a backstory - she was badly dumped and went off the rails a bit - thats why she is so strange and fucked up! she has real problems admiting that she is actually quite upset and it manifests itself in stange devient behaviour! there is another character, Charisse (told you I would bend to your wishes and get you in there dear!) Charisse is a graduate - one of my narrators university friends who is immaculate in prada and vesache - but quite hard and aggressive as well! she breexes in and out of the characters lives and my new opening chapter begins with her. she shows how easy it is to get wrapped up in one your life as she is the pepetual outsider POV
Emily has become more different - she is an extreeme sports fanatic who loves punk! All I really know about her at the moment is that she was out surfing, landed on her head, got 7 stapes and went back into the water to finish off the wave! She's nuts! I may change her name.
Then there is my Narrator - I have actually given her a name and backstory! I never bothered before saying that i didnt want to pinpoint her blah,blah, but really I am just lazy her name is Jocasta for the moment and she is quarter french, quarter barbadian and half chinese! a real ethnic mixbag!

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Lucy Ann Wade said...

This sounds really interesting. It's great that you're at the redrafting stage already! Have you made any major changes to the plot/structure of the story now too? Keep up the good work.