Friday, August 25, 2006

The Momentum Festival

Well, it is a very 2 tiered society. I feel absolutly knackered after being at the momentum festival for most of the week... its still going on but I'm just not "hardcore Litrature" enough to continue... it's weird 'cos I swear I was less knackered after going to Download... yes, thats right the real rock festival! Momentum has worn me out more!
firstly, Its such a lot to take in. All the workshops, all the plays and readings, you just get home and feel like your brian needs a defragmenter programme running through it just so you can relax. I didnt get my play read out. i wonder why? perhaps becasue it was one of those things done in the ancient greek / roman traditions (or maybe it was just absolutly full of incest and peodophillia and rape and bad language and aborted feotuses and the audience of old wifeys that have nothing better to do would be a bit freaked out... hehe!) Anyway - one of the things I learned was how to restructure my play (rewrites in 2 days and a workshop on Sunday) and I got to seea really good reading, play called "Silence" by Ivar Waldemarson which was just brilliant and (personally I thought, but I have a weird attitude towards theatre) I reconed was probally better than teh Earl of Mo'Bay.
Anyway this whole 2 tiered society thing... some of the resident writers there (me being one of them) were so poor and I mean REALLY poor that we were rathering to walk to Beeston and pile our bus fare to nottingham together just to buy food. Its like communist Russia for writers, absolutly terrible. We had had little sleep from the dreadfully intense itenary, no food, hearded arround like cattle... made me so mad. some writers however had accomodation and little stickers on their name tags with "playwrite" on them... Just goes to show howfar licking arses will get you...

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