Saturday, August 12, 2006

Crackheads and Yardies

Well now I have decided to create annnother bit of my novel! Subtext or Subutext... I'm not quite sure! I got the inspiration when I thought to myself "how does Arthur score? hes a nice, posh boy that has wondered, via his self destructive streak, into the world of drugs... no self respecting dealer would really sort him out!" and the answer lay with his coke dealer, Terry.
So I created more of a character for Terry. He started off as a slightly letchy, older dealer type and has progressivly got younger in the book and more niave! Very strange! Anyway, Terry picks up for Arthur and charges him a ridiculous price for his heroin and crack.
hmmm... The structure of my passage is a little suspect... it begins with an exchange between terry and Arthur and Arhtur compleatly missing the point of discression and dealers paranoia, then it moves via Terry into a world that is not seen by my main narrator or by Arthur. Terry goes to a crackhouse full of Yardies to score and then back home again. the exchange with the yardies is very serious and low pace, but when he gets home I attempted to write something almost comical! via text message and Vanessa Feltz it does relieve the tension built up by the Yardies and stuff...
anyway, i'm proud that i wrote something on my novel and now i have a clearer idea of the direction of subtext... i know wheich characters to enhance and with to cut!

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