Thursday, September 13, 2007


ive been trying to get to the root "theme" of my play and i think it might be transformation. transformation literally and transformation metaphorically in peoples characters. i jut have to make starchild and the cave actually transform (characters).

and its about the lack of freedome within transformation. Starchild will become a constilation. he does this after a transformation in his character (which im sure has somehting to do with that damned serpent) and hte cave must detour from her preprogrammed path of transformation (ie. she loves starchild, recognises its impossible but does it anyway) at the moment he accepts he must transform. htis leads us onto annother reoccuring motif. love is shit.

in other news i applied to do an ma in tv scriptwriting and didnt get in. just as well really, it was a rash decision that i would have regretted. i also got turned down for the job in derby, but i recon that was not for me. more arts-admin boredome than the real creative thing.

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Lucy Ann Wade said...

Sorry that you didn't get the Derby job.

Where did you apply for the TV scriptwriting course? You should apply for the DMU one - it's actually a really good course. Though if you don't want to write for TV, there's no point really!!!