Sunday, September 16, 2007


oh ive got a headache. ive been doing my dasterdly deeds all weekend regarding a certain semper project and its given me a headache.

just wanna say a big fank yoo to alex walsh for helping sort this pigsty out.

went over to my mate nu's ebay corner last night. it was pretty brill. got some brown trousers and cardigans and tops and a necklace. got some stuff for charisse as well.

And something AMAZING happened on the way over there... Hoffmole actually said "you look nice" thats the first time EVER he's said that!!! its usually insults masqurading as compliments from that one. i was (as usual) head 2 toe primark clasics (got a dress £3 the other day when i went shopping with angie)

Mole said we could watch 2 movies tonight and he'd cook stir fry and I'd make a trifle. So far I've made a trifle and he's played video games. Some things never change.

I'm gonna do an MA next year in playwriting. I've got the cash secured now. Where is good to go?


Lucy Ann Wade said...

Wow! Where are you doing the course? A lot of places will have their own inhouse scholarships and everything available, so check with them. I'll post the link here to the DMU postgrad funding site, but it's the same for everywhere. The Arts and Humanities Research Board are the big ones, but everyone applies to them; as you live in Leicester, you can get a £5grand loan from Sir Thomas White charity, and there's a place that does grants for women graduates in London too:

Lucy Ann Wade said...

Sorry, just re-read your blog, and realised I got the wrong end of the stick! So you want to do MA Playwriting? Well, you can apply for the Birmingham Uni Playwriting course and join the likes of Hannah, Laura Lomas and that Swedish guy who's name I've forgotten, or there's an MA in Playwriting and Script Development at University of Exeter, which is a really good uni, though very far away! York does an MA in Writing and Performance, Goldsmiths in London does a MA in Writing for Performance. Nottingham Uni does an MA in Performance Practices, but I think that's more directing and stuff than writing, though I'm not sure.
Where did you get this magically pot of money from, Sabrina Fair?

IcarusGirl said...

Loughborough Uni does a really good course in creative writing where you can choose a specialism after work on poetry, prose, radio and stage writing, and I know they guarantee a free £1000-1500 to all takers, plus you could even commute there. I also know the lady who runs the playwriting part of it, and she's really really good.
Click me for Lough course info

The MPhil(B) at Birmingham (Sarah Kane, Steve Waters etc) is officially the best, but rather than the taught MAs is a research MPhil(B) and is based on critically informed learning so it's whether that would suit you or not. The end of year showcase is a great opportunity to be picked up by a scouting literary agent!
Click me for Bham course info

I also looked at the UEA creative writing course (Ian McEwan etc) on Norwich, it's a very well renowned course but I think has hitherto tended towards producing novelists though they've recently created a MA for Scriptwriting... it's a lovely place, near the sea too
Click me for UEA course info

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

Gee! thanks for that! Loughborough Looks promising with the extra cash and stuff!

and the pot of money came from bank-of-well-wishing-relitives that think i am very lazy and have no ambition regarding getting a real job