Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Billie Holiday

I'm gonna write a 20 min peice about a delusional housewife who talks to Billie Holiday when things get too much for her. Mostly my own style again with the whole overlapping dialouge that is all about 2 people not really communicating. I read an autobiography of Holiday when I was away in Nottingham in Hoffy's parents beautiful garden in the sunshine. He skulked about indoors giving me dirty looks and quaffing down cider and john smiths (only joking loviee xxxx) there were certain bits of the bio that really got my brain juices flowing.

for example, holiday was once so fucked that she thought an earthquake was the champagne kicking in, she was so poor and died penniless and she once stabbed herself in the head with one of her flower hatpin things and went on stage to continue singing... think i can make use of stuff like this. I'm going to call the peice "Lady Day" after her nickname and the other woman is going to be more like something out of jeremy kyle...

its a kinda relistic / crazy thing that fuses the 2 things i seem to be doing at the moment.

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Lucy Ann Wade said...

That sounds cool. Love Billie Holiday! Sounds like you're developing a style there, missy!

Are you going to introduce music too? Her music is so atmospheric.