Sunday, September 02, 2007


Well I should have publicised this everywhere but it really came at a very busy time for me!!!

we had a small gig at sumo bar on branustone gate on saturday 1st september. what a fiasco! i was dreaming about it last night and co-ordinating and my peice didnt go very well, but overall it was a pretty good sucess i think. im dead pleased with all the work that was done by everyone so this is a hiphop style shout out!

thanks to...

Stacey Adams first with the Ladyfest crew
Alex Ellis for Bubble and disgrunted friend
Alex Mack for Everything
Lucy Wade for Lupus
Robin Johnson for Broken Holmes
Alex Walsh for being Holmes and Starchild
Helen Brewin for being the Sky at the last min!
Helena vickers for being Gin Whore
Jackson Miller for being Drone (again at the last min!)
Cat for Lupus
Phil hurst for inept men
Ken for inept men and the urine
Dom for intpt men and the police
Becky for being the boy who gets kicked
Phil and Bober for being a very strange family!

if i've missed anyone im dead sorry!


wozbot said...

Word up,

Guess who it is? Go on guess! (no peeking) It’s me, Warren the loveable scamp!

Wow! I have just been reading through your blog. You’re a real writer! Maximum respect (high five) :-D. I knew you’d make something of yourself!

If you fancy a chat my email is:

If you don’t want to talk (ah, history) then that is cool. I just wanted you to know how proud I was.

Take care,


Lucy Ann Wade said...

Sumo was really fun. Your scene went well, it was just a bit quiet, I think.

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

my scene went rubbish! hehe! never mind!
Wazzap? well... that was SO 5 years ago.

Warren - I've sent you an email.

IcarusGirl said...

that's so patronising 'how proud I was' as if you need his vindication.