Sunday, October 22, 2006

Scary Stories

Well I now have to create a "Scary Story" and as I was going up to Tesco's today I got a few ideas for a story... its possibly not exactly like the whole "gonna be the next Mary Shelly" thing (i.e not scary) but I had many images of things that really sum up the past couple of days...
1.Waking up cos your crying - its like your eyes begin drowning
2. Cutting out flowers from tinfoil and sticking them all over a council flat. Walls, celing, floor
3. Joining a cult
4. 2nd hand vintage dresses that are too big for you
5. Big 60's style bed hair
7. A lesbian flatmate who wears see through white pedal pushers
8. Arms laced with filthy, scabby track marks
9. Picture of the Real Nancy Spungen - now this is because I had seen the "Sid and Nancy" film with Gary Oldman and Chloe Webb in it and I really didnt relise how amazingly ugly and yuk the real Nancy Spungen was until I saw a picture of her. Oh yeah - ttry to guess which pic is the real Nanacy Spungen... its actually really hard! They were considering casting Courtney Love in the film before she was famous but I think I would have had to turn the film off in the first 5 mins if that had happened... Chloe Webb's "Siddddddd!!! Sidddddd!!! Get me some drugs" is bad enough!
Now I need to work in someting supernatural and I suppose I have a scary story...
As you may all have guessed. I have no idea what I am doing!


Damien G Walter said...

Try some Joe Hill. Scary, fascinating and original...

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

Anyone guessed which is the real Nancy Spungen yet?

poopy47000 said...

I am not lesbian housemate who wears see through white pedal pushers incase anyone is wondering.