Friday, October 20, 2006

I have been proper shit

recently 'cos I was really ill all last week and totally off my food (weird for me) and was shivering whilst wearing 4 blankets. And work moved (utter farce) I should write a fucking comedy about it... It really was.
There was total problems with contractors, a near hysterial cheif officer and rats. Luddites used to live in the cellar... Mental. Like, really, its stuff I couldn't make up even if I tried!
And annother work related thing, writing for me is all about letting those merderous thoughts, I keep telling myself we all have, have some type of create leeway out of my brain. Writing stops me being a sociopath.
So I thought about writing a story about my boss. Man, you really wouldnt believe the type of person she is. She's like, nice and stuff, but really "sorted" and "together". She's into god and married and head of TSS and only my age. Nothing seems to faze the woman. But a really evil gremlin that lives in my brain wanted to kidnap her and place her in a world that is totally alien for her, the type of world thats just designed for having fun, not wholesome, fairground fun, like dangerous, nasty, illicit fun! It would be fantastic to see if she could adapt (or freak out - as I suspect she would) I dunno. S'just an idea at the moment, but is something I recon would be good as a little aspect in hte rewrite of my novel.

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