Monday, July 23, 2007

Macral Fillets are the work of the Gods

They really are. I just cant stop eating tins of them. Rosemary Connoly even likes them and says they are healthy so it cant be that bad an obsession. If someone knows where to buy the type in curry or chilli sauce please tell me, they're the best.

On other news I went with my pet mole to Nottingham over hte weeked to visit crazy Mark. He's very strange and seems to have a little following of seventeen year old psudo-hippies with names like Cyrus and Patty. Oh very bohemian! Perissa (his new girlfriend) had radically reamped the house and even painted the toilets pink! Hoffy took me on the Tales of Robin Hood ride which was horrendiously expensive and all because a wobbling jelly.

first rehersals / read thru for a play that I havent written yet on saturday. bricking and it are used in the same sentance.

Going to the space centre on Friday. Never been, might be a laugh to be a tourist in your own city.

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Lucy Ann Wade said...

We should all go on the Discover leicester tour bus - it's brilliant!