Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fookin' 'Ippy!

Bought some jeans the other day that were original 1972 flared wranglers from a charity shop for£3. Apparently the ironic thing is that they would have cost £3 back in the day! The heat is making me go all weird, not happy weird as I'm a Capricornus moody bitch at the best of times, sulking around urban areas in thee rain wearing too much eyeliner, but "EEEK! Too much in life can't cope with stress" weird. Moley and I have been touristy, going to the spacecentre (which was educational and overpriced) but it did make me think a bit about plays and staging. Revisited Mermaids and Kirsten's story is far too all over the place and needs a strengthing htread to pull it through. Concluded hte thread was to emphasise her loss. Loss of life, loss of love and loss of herself in hte overall narrative. this in turn will give me a headace and make me later think "but what did she gain?" and I know the answer won't be nothing as I glance at hippies slumped like dead bumblbees on parks and hum in my head "my fahter when I was younger took me up onto the hill, looked down on the city streets and all the factory spill, said "now this is where I come, when I want to be free" but he never was in his lifetime, but these words stuck with me." Saw Kelly-Anne the other day. She lives on Moacre Hill with her fella and babies and benifits and she seems happy, but then again, she's the type to be happy in any situation. Doing Semper stuff and feeling bogged, bogged, bogged. should start looking at things in bitesized chunks rahter then everything all together. Mole is cooking dinner tonight, don't be surprised if I phone in sick tomorrow with real dioreeah.

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