Sunday, July 15, 2007

Broken Mole


Well, that decides it... I have to leave my job, not by choice anymore, but I am far too embarassed to go into work on Monday morning following last Fridays Work-do.

I took Hoffmole for moral support, needless to say im not a "team player" in any way shape or form, I,ll get the job done, but please don,t insult your intellegence and mine by insinuating that just becuse i work with you means I have to like you. Anyway - I digress into bitter bial and hatred again... I took Hoffy with me on the work do which was themed "its a knock out ] tekeshi,s castle" and Hoffy got broken. He landed on his hand or somehting and we think he bust a bone in his wrist, trouble with the Hoff is that he,s a bit of an arsehole and stubborn to a fault and won,t do anyhting that anybody says, so after medical people who just-so-happened-to-attend the do had said "go to hopsital" and he ignored it i was feeling a little peeved.

didnt help that he hten proceded to get so drunk to block out the pain that he insulted people and yelled at me to the point that i wasnt going to bother with any of it any more (seriously - i really dont need this crap, ive been in some baaaaaaaddddd relationships in my past this one is fairly easy - its just when he gets drunknjellous) he came out with the clasic lines "so which is the christian that you hate then?" and "All these people are so nice, I can,t believe you want to leave this job" and [to the gay guy] "Can I stroke your chest? Your nice" and [to the christian] "blahblahblah, night I got pushed through a window... hitting exboyfriend over head with mirrors... can i feel you up?" so yeah, I cant go to work on monday, I,ll just die of embarassment
In other news the novel is going in a good way... I have some instances that i want to structure... bloody Facebook has given me inspiration via the use of dregging up old people from my past that i thought had fallen off the edge of the earth and in turn old storied that were locked away in the freezer stores of my mind. adding that to the origianl ending of john hughes,s pretty in pink (where molly ringwold actually gets with the guy who dosent deserve her, he deserves jeninne from ghostbusters who staples the records to the celing) then i have a good subplot that rivals the amin plot and makes me think my origianl plot is the subplot (!!!!)

Starchild and the cave... blah! I think hte serpent is starchild penis, thats why hes allways depressed! and after things that he dosnet really want. and why the cave feels sorry for it!

now im also cutting - no! not a self harmer! i mean Im cutting mermaids for a 10 mins one actress (Kate davis) performance at Sumo. and thats being a pain in the arse.


morphean ramble said...

nuh-uh - duckie is the one she should end up with! It's soooo wrong that she ends up with Mannequin man...

Lucy Ann Wade said...

I hated Molly Ringwald's character. The whole movie should have been about Duckie and Janine from Ghostbusters and their madcap adventures with pretty 1950s prom dresses.

Hope works not too terrible!

lastAutumn said...

You make so colorful a picture of the movie I now want to see it. Credits to your literary talent!!

Anonymous said...

you make me go to these things, you put up with the consequences. Next time, I'm gonna do a dump on your boss.

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

Peter? I think not!