Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Blogger is proper Gay

Blogger is shite. It keeps trying to trick me into updating to this new Blogger Beata nonsence which I don't want to do but 9 times out of 10 it wonet even let me load up old blogger and that sux monkeys. Its the real reason why I can't update all the time!

Anyways: Mermaids:
got ideas about who hte women really love. Key issues and themes really:
  • Kiresten Loves smack more than Eric
  • The Litlte mermaid loves land more than the prince
  • Ophelia Loves the idea of marriage more than Hamlet

and I'm not bing all accuratley intertextual here, am acutlly just throwing in fiction.

and with Daddy was like the Autumn:

I really need to understand if the progression of realationship between Arthur and my narator is done because Arthur falls instantly for her and is scared of being happy, or if its a more subtle affair.

A eureka moment!!!


parallel2004 said...

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Damien G Walter said...

Try switching to Wordpress. its about 16 million times better than Blogger.


Lucy Ann Wade said...

Change scares me...

When I read Hamlet (albeit 7 years ago) my interpretation was that Ophelia liked sex more than she liked Hamlet, and that the reason she went cuckoo was because she got confused between lust and love and he just wanted to get his end away. That's my interpretation anyway.

You can download the original text of the Little Mermaid on http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/17860 (it's in 'Stories from Hans Andersen').