Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I've gone Beta!

Right, seems now I can upgrade my blog and do things like that! I upgraded (or downgraded - however you look at it) to beta but I still have no idea what it means...

Tonight my charity has a drink / buffet thing for the trusttes and staff. I dont really want to have to do the schmoozey thing... you see its not too bad when its a lit related one, but a work related one? I'd rahter grate my eyeballs with rusty cheese wire. but i have to... grr...

Oh, on good-ness news (not a chistian publication) The TWP Playwrites studo have selected me to develop a play with them, over a years worth of mentoring (good, good) to develop a play. Amanda Whittington said this on the subject:

"Hi Sabrina,I saw Sarah at TWP today and had a word with her about your play. She’s more than happy for you to continue working on Mermaids for Momentum, in fact she’d really like to see what you can come up with in time for the festival. She also thinks it’s best if you come up with a new idea for the Playwrights Studio. You’ll be working with a new mentor there and she thinks it could be counter-productive to have feedback from two people on the same play. I tend to agree with her, as you might end up being pulled in different directions.But don’t worry about your workload! Both Momentum and TWP will support you all we can and you’ll have several months after Momentum has finished to focus on your next play. Working writers must always to juggle a few projects at a time, so it’s a good skill to start developing. It’s tough being a victim of your own success! The Playwrights Studio is a great opportunity to explore a new idea without the pressure of a production. Feel free to give Sarah a call at the office if you want to discuss it further.See you in a couple of weeks.Amanda x "

On other news... I saw Morphenramble's "Gods" the other day. I thought it was rather good. It really encapsulates where new drama should be going (ie: into a very odd place!) and how it should be done. There were a few bits that I did go "hmm" at but overall I really enjoyed it! Go Mack!

And I went to Nottingham over the weekend... Angela has decided to move there with her boyfriend (look at previous posts) silly move. She had 2 new kittens, one of which decided to piss on Alex's shoulder as he dozed off (hehehe!) I think she was either getting her own back or marking her territory!!!!

And on other notes, I took Paul who eventually became Alex over to see some of my old mates from when I was younger (when the word "younger" is used read "unwashed Anarchist") and that was a really intresting night (apart from my illnesses) they didnt bully him or steal his hat once!

and what is with the hats? saturday night was a myriad of too many daft hats! not enought sugar!!! By the time I found sugar all the hats had been removed from my vicinity!



morphean ramble said...

what bits made you go "hmm", hmm?

morphean ramble said...

p.s. if my eyes appear to be a shade of green now, it's cause you're far too successful for my own good

cool beans though.

ha ha! you have to think of a new idea! :-p

Lucy said...

Oh I'm the only one not on Beta! I will be the last person standing!

It's really great about all the cool things that are happening to you. Guess 2007 is looking like it's your year!

Any ideas for the new play yet?

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

This Damned Blog has had to move thanks to the sophistication of Blogger and everything else.


Sorry peeps!