Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Film - The medium I forgot

Over the past week I've been watching soooo many films its unreal! Seeing as nobody bothers with videos these days and people have replaced their entire collections with DVD's they really are a bit of a steal in charity shops!

Over the Past few day's I've also been recouperating and vegging out in front of the TV, seeing as every time I got up I was dizzy. So I've watched:

  • True Romance (the one with Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater being an Elvis obsessed weirdo)
  • Hairspray (the original and the best with Rikki Lake)
  • Gone With The Wind (5 hours of Clarke Gable does weird things to a girl!)
  • Flash Gordon (pure class!)
  • Murial's Wedding ("Waterloo! lalalalalalalal!")
  • Karatie Kid
  • Karatie Kid 2 ("Miagieeee!")
  • Educating Rita
  • The Crow (I've always thought this was well funny)
  • The Fly
tonight I'm looking over at High Fidelity or perhaps forcing the mole to watch the craft. I mean we've also got a Disney backlog of the Aristor Cats and Sleeping beauty, but we've also got time Bandits and Twins and the lost boys and resivoir dogs... but i dont think the mole will want to sit through the lost boys without ranting!


morphean ramble said...

Lost Boys is ace! What's there to rant about?!

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

oh he hates it... but of course you think lost boys is great! You like 80's films almost as much as i do!!!!

Lucy Ann Wade said...

How can you hate the Lost Boys? It's classic cheese!

When we went to Edinburgh, everyone in our gang kept coming up to me pulling scary vampire faces going "I still want you Lucy...I haven't changed my mind about that" in the right voice. Was very peculiar!

morphean ramble said...

This reminds me - we still must do the Hughes-a-thon!